Admit You're A Rockaholic

If you're reading this you probably think the whole premise of Rock & Roll Rehab is a joke. Ha, ha, I get it, it's for people addicted to rock and roll, very funny. People don't get addicted to music. But think about it for a minute. If there was anything available to you out in the world that you spent much more money on than would be considered financially prudent, if it occupied not only an abundant amount of time to consume, physically (listening), but also an almost constant amount of time mentally consuming (thinking about music or humming songs in your head), and if it actually influenced your fashion choices, your health choices (drugs and alcohol) and even your social and political beliefs, wouldn't you worry it was becoming too influential in your life? 

Take a typical musician, a typical musician, not a millionaire rock star or even a gigging musician. A typical musician is probably what ninety-nine out of a hundred people who play a musical instrument is and that is someone who makes squat, financially speaking,  from playing music. Yet the amount of time, effort, love, desire, dedication and cold hard cash these people spend on their obsession is radically off balance from the gain they receive. If you ask someone why he will get up on a stage at a bar or a bandstand in a public park and perform his heart out for people who don't even bother to listen let alone pay money he'll tell you he does it for the "high". He plays his music for the feeling it gives him to perform in front of people even if the crowd's response would seem to be one that would elicit the feeling opposite than "high". When attaining a "feeling" becomes so important that you'll not only spend time, effort and money to attain it but also will disregard the potential dangers such as getting booed off the stage or becoming subject to ridicule, then my friend, you are technically addicted.

If you've read even this far it means you're so addicted to rock and roll that you're even willing to waste your time reading about it, not even reading about music or a favorite musician, but reading about an asinine concept such as Rock & Roll Rehab, which is obviously just a stupid joke. But you're not laughing, are you? Because you've just proven that you are, indeed, a rockaholic and that Rock & Roll Rehab isn't so stupid after all.

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