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 Digital Order sounds like you've bought something online and the company wants to confirm your purchase but it's actually a band from Australia that's said to be a blend of modern dance music and classic hard rock such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

Founded in 2013 with members Shane Ariti on vocals, Will Cruz playing guitar and keyboards, drummer Henry Gunson and guitarist Andy Beerli DIGITAL ORDER have consistently charted on local Australian radio as well as digital radio in the States.

Their 2014 EP launch was followed with 2 crowd funded Australian tours and drummer Henry Gunson secured the band an exclusive clothing partnership with Australian clothing label ALPHA LEGION. DIGITAL ORDER are about to release yet another installment from their highly anticipated album ‘Sons of the Odyssey‘.But for now what we have is the single "On Our Way".

Vocally this song reminds me of some of the Punk Pop bands of the Ninties such as Blink 182 or Greenday but the intro's chord structure and mandolins and the guitar solo (are guitars solos making a comeback?!) give this song a Led Zep vibe. This is yet another new foreign band that sounds heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin. Then again, being an American I guess Led Zeppelin is a foreign band as well. Are there no new, young American Hard Rock bands? Is this like 1964 when the American music scene had become so corporate and stagnate that the rebirth of the Music Industry had to invade from England?  Now it's Norway and Australia that are sending us back our own sound. There is nothing wrong with that but I am curious how "Australian Rock" would sound. I hear some Nine Inch Nails ambient noise and of course, the Led Zeppelinness but is there anything in the mix that makes DIGITAL ORDER sound "Australian"? I'm not asking for another "Men At Work" (who got sued for sounding too Australian), just something with some local flavor. With the world shrinking and TV and the Internet allowing everyone, everywhere to turn on to the same thing at the same time, we're becoming too homogenized and the next step is too sterile. This single is good for what it is but what it is we've heard before. As an American Rock & Roll is MY ROOTS, where are this bands' roots? it's great that different people from opposite sides of the planet can all relate to the same culture but I don't go to a Chinese restaurant to get a hamburger or hotdog. I'm just saying.

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