“I’M High” by The Tooners The Official Song of Four Twenty


The "High Holiday" of 2014.

We all love music and we use particular songs as part of our holiday celebrations. Christmas Carols at Christmas, John Phillip Sousa marches on the Forth of July, Alice Cooper tunes on Halloween, well, you get the idea.

Los Angeles rock band, The Tooners, performed a live multimedia stage show held at the Hayworth Theater on Wilshire Blvd. called Rock & Roll Rehab. It was about sex, drugs and rock and roll. One song written for the “drugs” part of the show was a catchy little number titled “I’m High”.  Now it just so happens that this year, 2014, Easter Sunday falls on April 20th. April 20th or 4/20 has for the last few years been declared the (unofficial) Official Holiday of the Cannabis Culture. In other words, it’s a day to celebrate the wonderful world of Marijuana. If you haven’t heard of that before check out the Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/420_%28cannabis_culture%29

We at Unsigned Records Multimedia (the producers of the Rock & Roll Rehab Show) are going to introduce the song, “I’m High”, this Easter Sunday, the 20th of April as the Official Song of Four Twenty. Not only is this year unique in that April 20th is also Easter Sunday but 2014 is also the first year in history that marijuana is legal in the United States, in at least two of them (you know who you are).

 Greg Piper & The Tooners' Rock & Roll Rehab Show at the Hayworth Theater. 
We will be promoting the single, “I’m High” to AAA (Adult Album Alternative), College, Rock and Alternative radio stations in the U.S. and Canada British Columbia (Vancouver is referred to as “Amsterdam West”).

The "I'm High" Youtube video.

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For those who believe in helping to make April 20th into an actual holiday (like Saint Patrick’s Day or Cinco De Mayo at least), we are offering an “I’m High On Four Twenty” custom T-shirt  available for sale online:http://thetooners-rocknrollrehab.blogspot.com/2012/03/rock-and-roll-rehab-merchandise.html


Please call your local rock and roll radio station on Easter Sunday, April 20th, request “I’m High” by The Tooners and let them know the MP3 or WAV file is available for download at http://www.unsigned-records.com/imhigh.html.

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