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Gregory Shane Piper's First Solo CD, BORN TO YOU

The current President of the United States uses Twitter the way the rulers of medieval kingdoms used pages of parchment nailed to a post in the town square. Before Twitter it was Facebook that served as the way people could communicate the thoughts that were on their minds, complaints, or whimsical musings. Before Facebook there was My Space but going back even farther, to the dark times before the Internet, ladies would write in diaries and men in journals.

Back then, in the 1980s, a popular form of expressing one’s feelings without having to actually write anything, was the mixtape. This was an audio cassette that featured a collection of popular songs that expressed the feelings and thoughts of the person who assembled the tape and usually was created to be given to someone in particular. One very interesting mixtape was created by L.A. musician Greg Piper (The Tooners, Womanizer, Just Imagine) who used his four track tape recorder to record original songs that expressed the emotions and thoughts he was experiencing at the time.

During a two year period, he wrote songs about meeting his future wife, Jacki, their developing relationship and subsequent breakup. Two years after their breakup they reunited, eventually married and this September 19th was their 30th wedding anniversary. To commemorate, Greg has pulled these old songs out of mothballs and rerecorded them in a ten song CD titled Born To You. Listing the songs in chronicalogical order does a very good job of telling the story of the life cycle of a love affair and in real time, as it was happening. Unlike other CDs of songs about lost love, Born To You is especially sad since the first half tells the story of the excitement, hope and joy of the beginning of a new relationship before descending in the second half into the misery of loss and heartbreak.


 Ultimately, Born To You isn’t a sad story after all as Greg and Jacki are still together after thirty years, have raised two beautiful daughters, one an accomplished musician herself, and can look back at this time in their lives not as a failure but as a challenge they overcame. Born To You is rare in that it is a real and sincere record of events that actually happened, written while they were happening. A musical Twitter.

Born To You is available on iTunes and CD Baby HERE:


  1. Note of interest: The CD cover of Born TO You incorporates the band flyer Jacki saw of Greg's band that was booked to play a high school dance and it was this this photo of him which made her develop a crush on him before they ever met.

  2. This is a really terrific album! Super personal lyrics and you can really feel the love Piper has for the girl he's singing about. Great music, too.

  3. This is a wonderful set of songs! Got kinda choked up.