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Just Imagining Just Imagine

Greg and Tim Piper's fantastic John Lennon themed show, Just Imagine, is finishing up the first month of its return three month engagement at the Hayworth Theater on Wilshire Blvd. in L.A. The show has a great following in Los Angeles and the first month was a sell out. The problem with having a show booked into a theater in Los Angeles is that even if the show is successful, as this show was in the past at the Hayworth, the theater will bring in a new production and kick you out. These shows are booked a year in advance and there's no way of knowing if a show will attract an audience and then there is no way of knowing how long that audience will continue to attend performances. This time however, Just Imagine has proven itself to the point that the theater committed to the entire summer and so far its bet has paid off.

The Beatles are one of those things in life that have a highly addictive quality and if there's an opportunity to have a high quality Beatles experience locally, the audience will continue to come week after week. Another example of this sort of fan loyalty is The Rocky Horror Picture Show that has brought in an audience consistently to the Nuart Theater for decades, and at midnight no less.

Check out the Just Imagine show at the Hayworth Theater this summer. As Baby Boomers get older, an authentic Beatles music show will become rarer and rarer. Experience it while you still can.

Just Imagine has its cast on the road June 29 and 30th but will return in July.

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