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Rock & Roll Hypocrite

In a new article on titled 5 Beloved Celebrities Everyone Forgets Did Terrible Things, the celebrity that allegedly did the number one most terrible thing (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT) was perpetrated by guitar God Eric Clapton. According to the Cracked article;

Eric Clapton is an unapologetic follower of first-class douche Enoch Powell, a member of the British Conservative Party and full-blown racist. His 1968 "Rivers of Blood" speech, which basically foretold of an England in tatters if (non-white) immigration was allowed to run rampant, was ridiculously controversial and seriously damaged his political career. But Clapton stood by him.

Enoch Powel
He had a thing for racists in immaculately tailored suits.

In 1974, six years after Enoch was drummed out of political life by his remarks, a drunken Clapton was performing at a concert in Birmingham, and apparently saw an Arab man leering at his wife. This was too much for Clapton, who began a diatribe lambasting "wogs," "blacks," "Jamaicans," and anyone else who lived in England and wasn't white. No official recording exists of the speech, but some choice quotes that witnesses agree on include Clapton saying, "I think Enoch's right ... we should send them all back. Throw the wogs out! Keep Britain white!" and that Britain was on its way to becoming "a black colony."

WTF?! Say it ain't so Eric! Even if he was drunk, which sometimes can excuse obnoxious behavior (it also can cause it which is why I won't drink around the wife's family), attacking whole races of people because one of their members made you jealous just isn't something you do if you're not secretly racist to begin with. If Eric Clapton was a professional stand up comedian, like Michael Richards, then maybe he was trying to be funny (offensively so) but Clapton's a guy whose whole life has been dedicated to the Blues so you'd assume he'd appreciate the people who created it.

I've never heard that story before and even if it's true, (No official recording exists of the speech) and keep in mind I'm getting this information from CRACKED.COM, I shouldn't be spreading it anyway. But... at this point I'm stretching for things to write about for this blog and no one reads the Rock & Roll Rehab blog anyway. Sorry Eric (if it's not true. If it is, FU Eric).

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