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Saul Losada's "Energy"

Although billed as an "International touring guitarist..." Saul Losada's bio says he's from Hollywood. So that means he's a local guy, to me. Of course, most people "from Hollywood" originated someplace other than Hollywood (except me) but that's what he said and he's sticking to it. He certainly has been part of the Hollywood music scene having performed at the Hollywood House Of Blues, the Catalina Jazz Club and at Eastwest Studios. The "International" part includes Cafe Latino Jazz Festival in Spain and Carnaval On The Mile Festival in Miami (I know, that's still America but just about as far away from Hollywood as you can get and not get wet).

Saul Losado's Energy CD.

Losada is another Blues-Rock guitar God named Saul (Slash to you) and his years spent listening, and I assume jamming, to Classic Rock has payed off in his mastery of the styles of Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck as well as the more Trad Blues styles of B.B. (Blues Boy) King and jazz/pop king Les Paul.

Bold As Love (live).

Of the eight tracks on his Energy CD half are covers (maybe more but I only recognized four). Bold As Love, People Get Ready, Maybellene and The Thrill Is Gone are all excellent versions of songs written or made famous by the guitar legends of the past and it takes some guts to challenge comparison to the likes of Hendrix, Beck, Berry and King but Losada does hold his own and the gusty vocals from a very lovely but anonymous (according to his press release) female vocalist puts a new spin on the formerly all male material.

In fact, I've read his press release and went to his website ( and I can't find any musician credits anywhere. He obviously plays with other musicians but except for his producer and engineer, Don Blanck of Hollywood's Blanck Records, there's nothing listed. This is a pet peeve of mine being a sideman myself, but I suppose being an accomplished studio session musician Saul's used to the background players being invisible. Although you'd think that would make him sensitive to it when the time came for him to be the star. As an animator I never got to sign my name to any of the work I did for the studios and one day I realized I never signed any of my own artwork so I got up at 3am, pulled out my old portfolios and signed everything I'd done. I also feel a little cheated not being told what the beautiful singer's name is. Leave your comments about what a sexist pig I am in the COMMENTS section below and then you know what you can do.

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