Happy Birthday Eve Of New Year

Today is the birthday of my wife, Sarah, the inspiration of the song Eve Of New Year from The Tooners' Rocktasia CD. We met at a club where Greg Piper of The Tooners, old New Wave band, The Pipers, used to play. The club was part of a restaurant called Womphoppers and was situated adjacent to Universal Studios. It is now called Saddle Ranch (last time I was there) and is part of the Universal Citywalk tourist area.

It is somehow fitting that I would meet my future wife at an amusement park and we now, thirty years later, can see Magic Mountain, another Southern California amusement park, from our bedroom window.

Mrs. Warner with the Rock & Roll Rehab road crew (left to right) Nicholas, (sound), Gregory (lights) and Benjamin (security) Warner.

On January 14, 2012 the Rock & Roll Rehab Show held its first preview performance at the Hayworth Theater on Wilshire Blvd. and I missed my son's friend Mike's wedding. Sarah and our three sons who would be at all the subsequent Rehab performances as they worked as our road crew, attended the wedding (see above photo). 

One of the funny things about how I met my wife was that Womphoppers was one of only two places I frequented because of a recommendation from my mother. In a way she sent me to find my wife. She always had the best taste and certainly knew what was best for me. I miss you Mom and happy birthday Sarah. 

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  1. Great looking family!
    Mother obviously did her job well . . . Dad must be a musician/artist . . .