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ZZ Top Pass Up A Hit

Michael Montrose was the bass player for our New Wave band Womanizer back in the Eighties and his distinctive sounding fretless bass adds an eerie atmosphere to The Tooners' Seance single. He also played in The Bottles with Jerry Strull and the band BOOG (Band Of Old Guys). Recently he sent me a photo of him with ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons. I think he was pitching his motorcycle tune Mr. Glide to him for ZZ Top's next CD.

Maybe Mike should have kept his beard?
Mike's a biker and has one of the giant monstrosities that is really a car without doors or a roof. Mr. Glide's a cool bike tune but I think ZZ Top are into Hot Rods rather than Choppers. Mike's got some great stories of playing back in the days of Love-Ins in L.A.'s Griffith Park and the psychedelic Sunset Strip. I should get him to write down some of them for you to read here. In the meantime check out his original solo music HERE.

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