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And The Beat Goes On

A recent ad on Craig's List looking for music writers turned out to be from Tiger Beat Magazine. I can't believe Tiger Beat Magazine is still in business. Tiger Beat was around when I was a kid. Maybe it did go away and got resurrected recently, I don't know.

When I was a kid Tiger Beat was predominately a magazine for the girl fans of rock bands and I would look at it occasionally because it featured a lot of the bands I liked as well. Magazines like Creem were more geared toward boys and wrote about what instruments the musicians played and what kind of music they listened to rather than what kind of clothes they wore and what kind of girls they dated (groupies). 

Pedophile Monthy or Tiger Beat?

The cover of Tiger Beat Magazine today looks like a magazine about music fans, not music stars. These kids could be posing for a class photo or for their friends' Facebook page or as part of the cheerleading squad after the game. When Led Zeppelin or Cream or even The Monkees were on the cover you knew instantly that they were musicians. Now days performing music is just something kids do after school like play ball or hang out at the mall. Gone is the larger than life mystery and majesty of Rock & Roll.

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