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Sorry I Asked

In yesterday’s blog post I wondered aloud if there are any modern versions of the cartoon shows of the Sixties that centered around a rock and roll band. Of course there is and its name is Metalocalypse.

Metalocalypse was created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha and is shown as part of the animated series Adult Swim. The band is actually called Dethklock (Death Clock) and play “Death Metal” music, an extreme form of Heavy Metal which is itself an extreme form of Hard Rock which is an extreme form of Rock & Roll which is an extreme form of Pop music.

Metalocalypse is a cartoon show where much of the dialogue is “bleeped” due to obscenities and extreme violence is graphically depicted. Its humor is black to say the least and the band’s music is extreme enough to be considered legitimate.

It’s strange, and more than a little sad, to realize that shows like The Beatles cartoon show, The Banana Splits cartoon and The Beagles show has de-evolved to something like Metalocalypse. In fact, these days when someone wants to use Rock & Roll in a movie or TV show it’s inevitably either Heavy Metal or Punk Rock that is used. Whatever happened to Rock & Roll representing peace, love and understanding?

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