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Rahm 'Between The Lines'

I received some music from an Israeli artist who goes by the name of Rahm and except for the name of the producer of his five song EP titled 'Between The Lines', Ofer Yair, the fact he's also a professional computer programmer, is married and has a son, I know nothing about him. There is no mention in his press materials of who plays the instruments or even who the female vocalist is who shares some lead vocals with him on a couple of duets (unless it's actually him using a falsetto voice. These days you never know, do you?).

He says, "This album has progressive and psychedelic roots, with influences that reminds you of the 90's and ambitions which climb towards iconic creators such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and Genesis."

No, it doesn't.

Two of my all time favorite music genres are Psychedelic and Prog Rock and 'Between The Lines' has none of those elements. What it is, and I firmly believe any radio promotion man would agree with me, is Easy Listening. That's not a put down, there's nothing wrong with Easy Listening, it's a very successful radio format. Rahm's songs (except for the title tune which is more aggressive and dramatic), are gentle, lyrical, and arranged with acoustic guitars, grand pianos, flutes, french horns, string sections and Jazz flavored sax and electric guitar solos.

 His singing is a very soft, breathy style that is reminiscent of Herb Alpert's vocals in the 60s and with a hint of what I assume is an Israeli accent. His subject matter includes his family life on tunes like 'Coming Home', complete with a sound effect intro of feet walking down a gravel road with birds singing, and 'Always On The Run', a sweet ode to his son, which is also about being home since that's where family is.

 'You Are Not Alone' is a pretty acoustic guitar song with an electric guitar solo and with a duet with the unnamed female singer who also joins him on the track, 'Fool For You'.

There are no extended solos if you're looking for Prog and no backwards guitar if you're looking for Psychedelic but if you're looking for well produced, well arranged, very mellow Easy Listening pop with some Jazz touches than Rahm might fill the bill.

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