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The New World Order Of Rock And Roll

The dream of the Illuminati and Neocons, the New World Order, is happening right now but not the way they’ve envisioned and they’re in for one big surprise.

In his new book Red Rock: The Long, Strange March Of Chinese Rock & Roll (2011, Earnshaw Books), Jonathan Campbell tells us about the burgeoning rock scene in Communist China. Campbell spent a decade in Beijing as a musician and rock music promoter. Chairman Mao must be spinning in his grave.
It's weird to see your culture mirrored through another

First it was Russia and their troubles with the home grown punk band Pussy Riot and now China.  It seems like it’s Rock & Roll that’s taking over the planet. What’s nice about this is that although the music rocks it still has the sound and vibe of the folk traditions of its land of origin, just like Western rock.

One popular Chinese band is Hanggai which has heavy Mongolian influences. Rather than dress in black leather and other rock clichés these guys looks right out of Taras Bulba. 

Haggai -"Atilla the Hun" rock

Once the so-called “Arab Spring” is over, if it doesn’t mean the entire region turns hardcore Islamic Fundamentalist, perhaps we’ll start seeing Mid-Eastern Punk Rock or Arabic Metal at which point we’ll know we might finally have world peace.

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