The Pedulum Is Swinging In Russia

The three girls, members of the Russian Punk rock band Pussy Riot, got sentenced to two years in a Russian jail for knocking Vladimir Putin in a “Punk Prayer” performed in a church. If the former USSR handed out a punishment for “hooliganism” this stringent it wouldn’t have been out of place. In fact, the girls probably would have been shot just for the name of their band after serving two years in prison for being in a Punk Rock band to begin with. Then after the fall of the USSR Russia got “better” with Western materialism, Rock & Roll, blue jeans, soft drinks, hard drugs, organized crime and prostitution. Now it seems the pendulum has swung back the other way once again and these three girls are being persecuted for exercising the rights they thought they gained after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This is very bad news, for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. People understand crushing your political rivals and destroying your religious / ethnic / ideological / geographic enemies but don’t mess with ROCK & ROLL. Once the artists of the world, who have fanatical followers the Taliban could only dream of having, decide you’re the enemy then you got to go and sooner or later, you will be gone.

The Taliban was well below America’s radar and although Nine - Eleven gave us the incentive to take away their entire nation, it was the fact that they were destroying ancient statues and works of art that first marked them for extinction. Life Magazine reported that they systematically destroyed huge statues carved out of a mountain side thousands of years ago that were previously thought of as an Afghani national treasure that was most Americans’ introduction to that doomed political / religious ideology.

Outside of murdering six million people the Nazi’s are infamous for burning books. There is something terribly offensive in destroying the creative works of man even if destroying man himself is acceptable in time of war.

Russia is going to learn a painful lesson, this isn’t a threat, it’s a prediction and it’s based on history. Just you wait and see.


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