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Another Drummer Dies

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (AP) Former Jefferson Airplane drummer Joey Covington has died in a Palm Springs car crash.

A Riverside County coroner's report says the 67-year-old Palm Springs resident wasn't wearing a seat belt when his car hit a retaining wall at about 5 p.m. Tuesday. He died at the scene.

Notice that he wasn't wearing a seat belt and that he hit a retaining wall. It's more often than not that fatal car crashes include not wearing a seat belt. It's assumed that not wearing the seat belt is what contributed to the fatality however it seems that perhaps being a piss poor driver is what caused the accident in the first place and that not wearing a seat belt is a definite sign of a bad driver.

Jet pilots and NASCAR drivers strap themselves in so why is it uncool to wear a seat belt? Are you cooler than a jet fighter pilot or a professional race car driver? Does not wearing a seat belt mean you're braver that a combat pilot? No, it means you don't have whatever it takes to finish the procedure you need to do to drive a motor vehicle. You probably don't bother to check your oil level or put air in your tires either. How can someone who hits a retaining wall be expected to be able to fasten a seat belt? 

Joey's friends think he may have had a stroke or a heart attack which caused the accident but unless he had a stroke before he started the car there's no excuse for not using the seat belt.

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