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Even MORE JFK Stuff

As crappy the stories thus far of the 21st Century, the 20th Century had some really great stories. I'm not going to include the wars, war stories really aren't "great", but other unbelievable stories. Some of my personal favorites are the story of Nicholas Romanov, the last Czar of Russia, his wife, four daughters and hemophiliac son who were all murdered by the Bolsheviks. A royal family being murdered is a terrible story not a great story but add the intrigue involving the "mad monk" Grigori Rasputin and you have a story you'd think only Hollywood could write.

Another GREAT story is the one of The Beatles starting in 1964 (50 years this year!!!) and ending with the Beatles Anthology and their last ever new music released in 1995. If you really think about it the story of The Beatles is totally unbelievable.

Another really bizarre and unbelievable story is the JFK assassination. This being the 50th anniversary there have been some great TV documentaries I watched and about which I've commented in prior posts. But looking at that famous and damning photo of alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald posing with the murder weapon (who would keep a picture like that around if you wanted to get away with it?) something popped out at me.

How considerate to pose for your own WANTED poster ahead of time.

First, his head does seem a little large for his body but maybe he has a big head. But look at the shadows on his face. His nose is working as a sundial and the shadow it cast is pointed directly down, almost exactly center with his upper lip. The shadows on his eyes and ears and lower jaw are all even which means the light source is directly above him and slightly forward. Now look at all the other shadows in the photo. His neck, the shadows on the fence behind him and especially his shadow on the ground. The light source for all those shadows is much lower and coming from the right of the photo. If this picture was taken indoors there could have been two separate light sources but it's taken outside in the sunlight. The shadow cast by Oswald's nose should fall across the right side of his face in the same direction of his shadow on the ground not straight down. If this picture was taken these days it wouldn't even be considered a good Photoshop job. No wonder his head looks big, it had to be large enough to cover up whoever's head was originally on that body.

Fifty years and the JFK assassination is still the story that won't go away.

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