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Coincidence Or Cosmic

 It is simply coincidence or cosmic? You decide. I was designing a logo for The Tooner's old friend the singer-songwriter (and our guest lead guitarist) Jerry Strull for the posters for his up coming solo acoustic shows and one of the ideas was to use his monogram. Using one's initials is pretty standard and not very creative but I incorporated his monogram into the design of a Gibson ES 335 electric guitar. I felt this was an appropriate guitar since Jerry actually use to own one, they're simi-acoustic models and have "F" style sound holes on the face.

I found a flowing style type font called Henry Morgan's Hand and put a J and an S where the F holes would be. Besides doing a little stretching, titling and placement of the letters they lined up very well with the holes on the guitar. I added a little diamond design in the middle of each letter to mimic the swelling the F holes have at their center. It looked nice, made its point and seemed clever enough.

Using an N and a W would have looked stupid on this design.

It was only when I was done and saw that it actually worked did I realize that it really only worked, at least this well, using ONLY those two particular letters. Each letter needed to have a curly cue at the top and bottom and they had to be facing the right way. The J of his first name had to face left and the S of his last name had to face right. I went back and looked at all the other letters in the alphabet and very, very few would have worked at all. Of all the people I know who play guitar and have a guitar styled logo be appropriate for them to use, ONLY Jerry Strull had the right letters in his name.

It makes me wonder if Jerry was born with the name he has specifically so that one day he could become a guitarist and be able to use this logo? How cosmic is that?

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