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The Difference Between American Rockstars And British Rockstars

Maybe it’s because of the feast or famine nature of the music business but it seems that a lot of successful rock stars end up investing their money in food. The funny part is that there is a definite difference in the food investment practices of American as opposed to English rock stars. Basically, the English tend to invest in the growing and raising of food and the Americans invest in the eating and drinking of food, namely restaurants and bars. Perhaps the English are still close to their agrarian roots while Americans these days are mostly the children of the Industrial Revolution or maybe it’s that farming and ranching seems too much like hard work while restaurants represent partying to Americans.

In a lot of old movies it’s the ultimate dream of the old Jazz musician to open his own club. That seems the only way to make a living while still being able to play whenever he wants.

Some examples of English rockers who went into agriculture are;

Paul McCartney who bought a sheep ranch
Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull who bought a salmon hatchery
John Lennon  who invested in dairy cattle
Alex James, the bassist for Blur is a cheese maker

Some examples of American rockers who went into the restaurant business are;

Sammy Hagar who opened Cabo Wabo, a Mexican restaurant and bar
Vince Neil of Motley Crue who opened a restaurant and bar
Jimmy Buffet who opened Margaritaville, a restaurant and bar.
B.B. King who opened a Blues club and restaurant

It’s funny how once upon a time working on a farm was the domain of serfs and music was a way to get off the farm and now it’s a dream and a goal to return to the farm.

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