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You Guys Sure Sound Full For A Three Piece

    When our new show Rock & Roll Rehab first played its showcase shows, mostly in front of our friends and coworkers who are all very musically savvy, I thought we’d get reamed for sure for having tracks. On stage we’re a three piece playing in sync with video projections and as long as our drummer has to play to a click track for the video, why not augment the music? It’s a show rather than a concert so I was okay with it but oddly enough the only comment we got was “you guys sure sound full for a three piece”. Maybe I’m too cynical like the guy who always says the shark in “Jaws” looks fake. If you’re looking for mistakes all the time you’re just cheating yourself. 

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  1. I saw this group by chance. Yes, they play with backing tracks, but they are really playing and singing and ROCKIN! Did I say ROCKIN! The tracks are backing vocal harmonies and orchestrations + strings + piano. THEY SOUND GREAT, DUDE! But my favorite part is the cuties that show up at their gigs. FOXES! That's what it's all about, MAN!

    While others may analyze the music . . . I'm gonna get me a babe!