Rockin’ Hallo’s Eve

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    First of all, a happy belated (by one day) birthday to The Tooners’ lead singer, bassist, songwriter and Rock & Roll Rehab Show star Greg Piper! And to everyone else; HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
    This is my favorite time of year. It’s not just because of the weather getting cooler and the landscape changing but autumn always seems like the start of the new year, not January 1. School starts in the fall, the new network television season begins in the fall, and between the leaves falling from the trees and the strange wind that always seems to pick up this time of year, nature seems to awaken and stir. Certainly it is easy to believe unseen spirits are among us with the kind of energy sensed in the fall.
    Halloween is a great holiday with fun costumes and free candy but it really started as a time to remember ancestors and leave offerings to past loved ones. It may be a time of ghosts now but it actually is a time of spirituality. I like the macabre as is evident by the Rock & Roll Rehab poster designs (see website Home page), but lament the losing of the spiritual side of the holiday. Christmas and Easter can claim the spirituality factor but are reserved for those of a particular religion while Halloween is all inclusive.
    In the world of Rock & Roll there are several acts that can lay claim to Halloween as a theme. My old neighbor, Steve Bartek’s band, Oingo Boingo, played every Halloween for years and had a Day Of The Dead art motif. There are a plethora of Heavy Metal acts including Rob Zombie and GWAR that fit right in the Halloween genre but my all time personal favorite and the Godfather of Horror Show Rock is the great Alice Cooper.
    Many years ago after attending an Alice Cooper concert at the Hollywood Bowl, my friend and I decided to stop by the Hyatt House on Sunset to see if we could crash the band's after show party. We entered the elevator figuring we’d stop at each floor, stick our heads out and see if any rock and roll types were milling about which would clue us to the band’s location. We didn’t have to do that as Alice Cooper himself and several other members of his entourage stepped into the elevator behind us. We were'nt quite as bad as Wayne and Garth bowing at his feet and declaring our unworthiness, but inside we were about to bust. Unfortunately when the elevator stopped at his floor some burly bodyguards stopped us from disembarking and cut short our adventure. However, we did see Alice Cooper. I got to meet him decades later when he was signing autographs at a Las Vegas home video convention. We even had our picture taken together. I know, what a groupie! But I’m not really that big an Alice Cooper fan. Wait a minute, I did paint a picture of him... maybe I am!

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