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Be It, Live It

    There’s a scene in a rock and roll documentary, it may have been The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years by Penelope Spheeris, that has an interview where a famous rock star gave advice on how to become a famous Rock Star. He felt he was addressing kids and his advice was to be a Rock Star you have to BE a Rock Star. In other words, even if you’re still in high school, be the Rock Star of your high school. Dress like a Rock Star, wear your hair like a Rock Star, walk like a Rock Star, have the attitude of a Rock Star and you’ll eventually become known as the local Rock Star. I would think it might also help to join a band or at least learn to play an instrument. Now, some of us would love to have a bit of a Rock Star life in our life but, for whatever reason, taking that advice is impractical. Is there an option?
    Vividly imagine the world you want to create in which to live. Put yourself in the center of this world and create it around and through you. Give yourself the place in this world you would like and create the surrounding world as you would prefer it to be. It can be as radically different from your present life as you like. Once you’ve become so familiar with this land from building it and visiting it mentally that you feel you’ll know it if you saw it, then start looking for it. Find little bits and pieces of it and add them, somehow, to your daily life. Do not do any big changes, in fact, no changes at all, just small additions. You will eventually, painlessly, and naturally build your new world around you and someday you’ll find yourself living there, a Rock Star.

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  1. I'm a front man in a band called 513 Elevators based in Leimert Park Los Angeles and I gotta say, that last paragraph of advice is right on!