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Lonely At The Top

     My wife’s niece’s husband recently told me that Van Halen is going to tour again with David Lee Roth. My late brother Dwayne was Van Halen’s bodyguard from the time of their signing by Warner Brothers until Roth left the band. At the end of one tour I drove down to San Diego to see the last show and to drive my brother home to L.A. the next day. While I was partying backstage a young guy there with the other friends of the band told me he went to high school in Pasadena with Eddie.

    “How nice of him to get his old friends tickets to his show,” I said.
    “He didn’t get me tickets,” the guy answered. “My girl friend works for the Sports Arena here in San Diego and she got me in. Eddie doesn’t talk to any of his old friends anymore  since he hit it big, he’s really changed, man.”
    Later that night, much later, I was with my brother in Eddie’s hotel room where he seemed a bit depressed. I thought it was perhaps because of the tour coming to an end or maybe it was caused by whatever he was cutting up on the glass top of the end table with his guitar pick. Then he said something that seemed to collaborate what his old school friend had told me earlier; “None of my old friends talk to me any more. They think I’ve gone Big Time but they’re the ones who act weird around me, I’m the same.” It’s lonely at the top. 

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