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The Great 3D Conspiracy Part 2

     3D movies are being pushed on us these days. I thought Avatar, Polar Express and A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey made excellent use of 3D technology but with most of these films you forget you’re seeing it in 3D after the first five minutes. It’s also a “flat” 3D with all the dimensions starting at the screen and receding in, not protruding out so an object looks as if suspended over the head of the person sitting in the row in front of you. That’s good 3D, or at least fun 3D.
    At an almost 50% increase in the cost of a ticket for 3D it is saving the movie industry financially but I believe there is another, more important reason for the 3D boom. Just as early motion pictures showed us the Fantastic World of Jules Verne with flying machines and submarines and the movies and TV shows of the late 20th Century and early 21st Century showed us a United States with a black president, today’s 3D is shaping us for things to come. And I’m not talking about more summer blockbusters.
    Although I haven’t seen any scientific studies to confirm this, yet, I’ve noticed that viewing 3D movies, or anything in 3D, causes a subtle adjustment in the viewer’s mental and emotional state. A slight shift in consciousness. This slight shift in consciousness occurs naturally and effortlessly when viewing a 3D movie. Some people don’t like it, it bothers them. They instinctively recognize this slight shift in consciousness is different than their normal consciousness and it makes them uncomfortable. Some people get headaches from 3D, which may just be an eye problem. A slight shift in consciousness is what mystics through the ages have striven to achieve and most people can’t even conceive of the concept of different consciousnesses thus making the spiritual experience of mystics, shaman and acid dropping hippies the things of myth, superstition and drug abuse.
    Perhaps once again we are at the beginning of an age of exploration and invention except that this time art is leading the way not by showing us what the future will look like but by what it will feel like. Perhaps we are getting trained to use a part of our consciousness we normally don’t use in order to be able to explore other realms of consciousness which is indeed, the last frontier.

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