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I Could Do That

     I read an advertisement for a TV talk show host that asked; “Have you ever seen a talk show and thought, ‘ I could do better than that?’” It reminded me of a singer in one of my old bands who said he came to L.A. to join a band, even though he had never sung rock and roll before, because after seeing the punk bands on MTV thought; “I could do better than that.” That’s really a bad reason to pursue something. I’ve never read one comment from anyone successful who used that as a source of inspiration. The successful people always say, “I loved so and so and wanted to be just like that.” Or, “I was a big fan and wanted to grow up to be the best at that.” If you don’t like the way someone who is successful does what he or she does then you don’t really understand what it is they’re doing that their fans do like. If you don’t really like something but think you can make money by doing it better, you probably can’t. At the best you’re just going to be doing a variation on something someone is doing that you don’t really like, that you think you can do better. Don’t bother. Save yourself the time and energy trying to do something you expect to be easy because even if you can do it better it’s still not going to be easy or quick. If you don’t absolutely love what you’re doing you’ll give up way too easy and even with some modest initial success you’ll still end up going back to Rhode Island.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I hate the personality who wants to take the easy road. What easy road? There is no easy road. There are always bumps in the road (air) and when that happens . . . Goodby Mr. "I can do better than that."

    Have you noticed growing up all the "great musicians and great bands" you thought would make it are now doing 9-5 day jobs . . . and the ones who MADE IT did not necessarily make it because of talent, but because of perseverance! And Attitude! They fought the hard fight.

    Yes, THEY MAY SUCK, but they can handle our criticism . . . ll the way to the bank and groupie party!