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The Ancient Art The Most Like The Art Of Today - Part 5 The Romans Part 3

     Would an artist from today be able to find work in ancient Rome? Would a sculptor from Rome get gainful employment in the America of today? Certainly his or her work could be appreciated by us but would that be reciprocal? If an artist from today could seamlessly merge into the work crew painting the murals in a Roman villa and if a Roman sculpture could go to work creating character sculptures for the next Star Wars movie (i.e. Laocoon and his Sons, Aphrodite and Pan, etc.), then I’d say there is a definite simpatico between the artistic cultures of today and that of the ancient Romans.
    At the start of the 21st Century American society seemed to enter an age of retrospection. In fact, one of the defining styles is called “Retro”. As the Romans discovered and adopted Greek art traditions and later European societies rediscovered Roman culture during the “Romanesque” era, so too are we in a period of rediscovery and reflection. If we are to learn anything from the Romans, if we are to avoid their fate and prevent the downfall the Romans suffered, then we must do what they failed to do. It is no coincidence that a people who populated Rome and who eventually attacked and destroyed Rome from within are amongst us today.  Yes, if we are to prevent our own version of the Fall of the Roman Empire it is clear that we must destroy the GOTHS!

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