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Have A Happy Black Friday

    Leave it to us Americans to come up with a money angle for any and all holidays. Thanksgiving is a day of feasting and we spend a lot of money on the food but we all gather to feast together, it’s not like we all have to lay out the cash for dinner. So we had to come up with another idea to get us to contribute to the economy and it’s called Black Friday. I guess it’s kind of a national sales day and is called the “official” start of the Christmas buying season. Not the Christmas Season mind you, but the Christmas Buying Season.
    Last year I contributed to the Black Friday festivities by buying a large screen TV for my band. Although my son uses it most of the time I actually bought it for The Tooners’ multimedia live show, Rock & Roll Rehab. Ideally we’d have a screen and video projector to project our animated music videos, cartoons and illustrations that accompany the live band on stage but if the venue is too small for a large screen the TV works just fine.
    Now we need to come up with some money themed days to tie in with our other holidays. Do we spend enough on Valentine’s Day? It’s a big day for candy stores, florists and probably jewelers. How about Groundhog’s Day? Maybe it can evolve into a day when we all have to eat ground hog. Pork burgers could become all the rage. What about the Fourth of July? Is there enough cash spent already on fireworks and hospital emergency room burn units? I don’t think so. Maybe we can help both our economy and the economy of Great Britain by starting a gift exchange program with England. It would be a kind of a "we’re sorry about that Revolution thing" as our families send families in England a nice ham or something. Maybe some pork burgers, they’re going to be big. Halloween is already second only to Christmas as the holiday that generates the most money not only by candy sales and costume sales but also home decorations. This Halloween I am starting a new Halloween money making tradition. I’m starting Halloween Home Decoration Walking Tours. I’ll be taking small groups of people who want to see how their neighbors dress up their yards and houses for Halloween door to door. This can’t miss, I’m going to be rich!

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