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Have A Happy Hippie Thanksgiving

    Although there may not be a lot, or any, rock and roll Thanksgiving songs there is a great rockin’ Thanksgiving movie. It’s been years since I’ve seen it but if memory still serves me it seems I recall the basic story of Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant is about a bunch of long hairs having a Thanksgiving dinner and then getting arrested for dumping the trash somewhere inappropriate. It’s strange to think of hippies littering and having the establishment force them to clean it all up since today it’s the counterculture types that are eco-centric and the establishment that pollutes the worst.
    When I was a teenager with my long hair and tight jeans I joked that some day my kids would wear baggy pants and shave their heads. It’s not a joke now, that’s exactly what they do. What’s worse is that both my sons and my wife criticize me for tucking in my shirt. I spent the first part of my life having my mother yelling at me to tuck my shirt in and the second half having to be told to untuck it. Chocolate is now good for you and milk is bad for you. Drinking wine is now healthy and getting some sunshine is bad. You can’t win so don’t even try. Those great poets of the counterculture, the Firesign Theater, had it right; everything you know is wrong. Amen.

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