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Rock & Roll Rehab's Unsigned Records Label

How would you like to be in SHOW BIZ? Have you ever wanted to be able to say you worked for a big rock & roll record company but don’t have the guts to move to the big city? Now you can! Join Rock & Roll Rehab's Unsigned Records and become an official A & R rep (Artist and Repertoire Representative). It’s easy. Just register online and you’ll soon receive an email with a link to download a file that has your own personalized Unsigned Records business card identifying you as member of the staff. Use your card to crash parties, bluff your way past doormen into your local clubs and impress wannabe groupies.  As an official A & R Rep of Unsigned Records you are in the enviable position to offer local musicians, who have recorded and pressed their own original CDs, a very unique opportunity.
Only you, ( using your name and employee identification number), can submit CDs for consideration to Unsigned Records. Unsigned Records posts one song from the CD as the single and then the official Unsigned Records A & R reps review and select one CD to be released on Unsigned Records.
The bands submitted to Unsigned Records are featured in several ways. They may perform live as an installment of the Rock & Roll Rehab Show and the making of their CD and music videos are shown online as documentaries. Interviews with the band members, producers, record company execs, managers, promoters, friends and family help the home audience get to know the band and its management so that the band’s future success can be assessed prior to its CD going on sale. Imaginative and unique marketing is employed tailor made to the band according to its style and personality.

Once one lucky band’s CD has been selected, the Unsigned Records publicity machine posts music clips, videos, interviews and bios to build anticipation of the CD’s premiere. Webisodes staring the band members are produced and a complete merchandising campaign is created and promoted while the band members are presented to the public as celebrities.

When the CD goes on sale as a digital download on the Rock & Roll Rehab website, the first five hundred people who buy a copy are actually investing in its future and each receive a share of its future sale on the site. The A & R rep who was the first to submit the released CD is automatically included in the 500.

70% of the CD sale price is paid to the band and 25% is paid into an investors fund which is divided among the original 500 buyers. If a ten dollar CD goes Platinum each investor receives $5,000.00! Not bad since all you’re doing is buying a ten dollar music CD  just like you’d do from iTunes or any other music download service. If 143,000 CDs are downloaded, the band will have made over one million dollars and each of the first 500 buyers made $715.00!
Your membership in Rock & Roll Rehab automatically qualifies you as an Unsigned Records A & R Rep. Write to to request your official Unsigned Records Employee ID Card.

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