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The Truth About The Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Myth

    There is a myth of sex, drugs and rock and roll that has been around for many years. I can’t even remember when that phrase first started in general circulation but it seems like it’s been around forever. The funny thing is, it’s true. That is to say, sex and drugs are a part of the rock and roll experience and I don’t even mean the giant Enormodome Stadium Tour Rock & Roll Experience, I mean even the garage band getting to play at the graduation party or the bar band playing at the local pub experience. Sex and drugs show up wherever the music is. Why is that?
    Everyone wants to be popular, the center of attention, the life of the party. If there is live music at the event then the musicians are the center of attention, literally in the spotlight. If, as a young lady, you want some of that limelight to fall on you, then to hang out with the boys in the band is the cool move. Women also want their taste in men validated and it is generally assumed the guys on stage are the most desirable males in the vicinity. Even if they’re ugly slobs, they’re still the ones demanding all the attention of the other party goers. If you’re “with the band” then your “with it”. How does a girl get to party with the band? By offering sex, that’s how. That’s what she has to offer and what he wants. That’s probably why he bothered to put in all the effort to learn to play a musical instrument to begin with. So that explains the sex part of the equation but from where does the drug part come?
    If you’re a guy you want to party with the band as well. Why? Because that’s where the girls are, especially the kind of girl willing to give sex to be part of the scene. So, what does an ordinary guy have to offer the boys in the band that they would possible want? Drugs, that’s what. It’s the drugs that the male fans bring to the party that in turn attracts even more girls backstage. it’s a vicious circle and the rockers are in the eye of this storm. Can you even imagine being in the position of having women offering themselves to you sexually and having strangers offering you drugs, FREE drugs, every time you played any kind of gig? Now imagine you’re even getting paid cash to play the gig!  Dire Straits had it right; money for nothing and chicks for free. And that’s even for the bands who never make it out of their own small, local scene. It is one of the amazing, wonderful and unbelievably greatest things of living in the late 20th Century and early 21st Century. And if you happen to really like music, what could be better?
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