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The Meanest Thing I’ve Ever Done

    To start the new year off right and to repent for my sins since 2012 is suppose to see the end of the world, I would like to take this opportunity to confess to the meanest thing I’ve ever done. It happens to be music oriented so it’s appropriate to comment on here.
    Years ago, when cassettes were the CDs of the day I had a rather extensive collection. It began when I was a kid when a local record store advertised giving free stereo records for mono records. My cousin and I carried stacks of our LPs the five miles to Topanga Plaza on a hot summer’s day to trade in for the newfangled stereo. When we finally arrived we were told we would receive a dollar coupon off a new stereo record for each mono record from our cherished collection and we could only use one coupon per new record. It was not nearly worth it but we just couldn’t carry all those records back home so we took the deal. That bad business deal, not the last either, decimated my record collection and I started buying cassettes from then on instead of albums. Cassettes were easier to carry home.
    Many years later my next door neighbor told me he and his wife and two young daughters were taking a car trip across the country and asked me to create a mix tape for their trip. Most of the songs I selected for the forty-five minute tape were standard Classic Rock hits but every fourth song was “It’s A Small World”, the soundtrack to the ride at Disneyland. I figured the little girls might like it but it would drive their parents insane.
    What a bastard.

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