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It’s A Prog Rock Morning

It’s six in the morning and I’m up waiting for my house guest, Paul Keller from the Bay Area Prog band Hush to get up. He’s visiting down here because he’s going to see the guitarist Tommy Emmanuel perform in Malibu tonight. The funny thing is that, as I mentioned recently, I can only find music videos on TV very early in the morning and music TV network Palladia is playing a live concert while I wait.

I’m watching the 80s Prog Rock band, Asia, featuring John Wetton, Steve Howe, Geoff Downes and Drummer Carl Palmer play to a huge outdoor music festival crowd and I suddenly realize that I’m watching someone perform on TV that I’ve seen perform with the guy sleeping upstairs in our guest bedroom. Paul Keller toured in the 80s with the short lived band 3 featuring Paul’s old bandmate from Hush, Robert Berry along with Keith Emerson and Karl Palmer from Prog Rock superstars Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

3 Played a club in Hollywood back in 1988 when my wife was three days past her due date with our first son. His tardiness allowed us to attend the show which I’m glad I didn’t miss as it was great to see a friend I’ve known since grammar school perform with bonafide rock legends. I’ve never thought of it before, but I wonder if the band’s name, 3, and the fact that my son was three days late when we saw them was just a coincidence. I wonder...

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