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Greg Piper - Rock N Roll Airline Travel Tips

Hi, I'm Greg and I'm a Rockaholic!  Airline travel isn't what it used to be, especially for musicians.  Back in the day (before 2001) flying was somewhat exciting and something to look forward to.  There were hardly any baggage fees, you could change your flight plans without penalty, others could use your ticket  without penalty, there was no security strip searches, and you could bring water onto the plane.  Pilots even invited passengers into the cockpit while the plane was flying.  Imagine that!  NOT ANY MORE.  THOSE DAYS ARE GONE FOREVER.

Now, when  you travel by air you have to supply the airlines in advance:
•name per passport
•date of birth

Get the spelling wrong and you may not get on the plane.  Forget to bring your ID to the airport and forget about flying.  

Now, for the cause of safety, count me in for whatever it takes to get me from point A to point B safely.  Search me, take away my liquids, check my ID, do a background check, don't stand in near the cockpit, etc.  All of that I am OK with.  

But, now some airlines are charging you not only for your checked luggage but your carry-ons, too.  Are they kidding?  NO, they aren't.  Problem is you really have no choice in the matter because there is no other way to get there in a timely fashion.  Whatcha gonna do?  Take a ship?  Take an train to get from LA to NYC in 4 days at twice the cost?  The Airlines got you by the balls and they know it.  Too bad they act like it, too.

Here's a tip that may help out a guitar carrying airline traveler.  There is nothing worse than an Airline employee (straight out of McDonalds) taking your instrument away before you board the plane because they tell you it won't fit.  Happens all the time.  You have 3 options:
1 - Let them take it away and put it in the belly of the plane where all the other luggage is and see if it gets back to you in one piece . . . 
2 - Go out and spend hundreds on a hard shell case and check the guitar with the other luggage and see if it gets back to you in one piece (or if it even arrives at your destination at all)
3 - My choice - have your guitar in a soft case so that when the gate agent tells you she/he will have to check the instrument, tell them nicely "This is a very expensive instrument and I would like to see if I can carry it on the plane.  If it won't fit, I will gladly let you check the instrument with the other luggage."  This works 90% of the time.  The other very important tip is to try to be one of the first ones on the plane because if everyone else is already on the plane there is no way your instrument will fit (unless you want to bend it).  Sometimes, after the gate geek adheres the tag on the instrument to be checked, I'll just tear it off after I get past them and just carry the instrument onto the plane.  I find the Flight Attendants are way nicer then the misinformed gate jerks and they usually accommodate me.

There is nothing worse than your ax getting lost or destroyed by the airlines on the day of your gig.  Nothing!

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