googled06bb313055e587a.html Rock N Roll Rehab for the Control Of Rock and Roll Starring Greg Piper and The Tooners: Why Are Bands Playing Theaters Rather Than Clubs?

Why Are Bands Playing Theaters Rather Than Clubs?

The Tooners’ front man, lead singer and bassist, Greg Piper, also performs in the John Lennon tribute show Just Imagine. They’ve performed Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Hayworth Theater for months at a time. They attract enough attendance that they’ve been able to make the show their regular job, pay their mortgage, feed and cloth their children, etc. Because they don’t own the theatrical rights to John Lennon’s music the Just Imagine show isn’t a play but more like an elaborate tribute band show, a very good tribute band show that lasts ninety minutes.

The Hayworth is a two hundred seat theater, tickets can cost up to sixty dollars and they always have a respectable crowd so my question is this; why does a band have get booked into a theater to play regularly enough to make a decent living when there are so many clubs in town?

Why wouldn’t a club want a regular crowd guaranteed every weekend? Even with a proven track record a band like the one doing Just Imagine can’t get booked into a club for more than one night at a time. This doesn’t make any sense to me.

Fortunately, Weber’s at 19312 Vanowen in Reseda is allowing Greg’s other show, Rock & Roll Rehab, a chance to build a following with a regular 9:00 slot on Tuesday nights (Greg’s busy on the weekends- see above) starting April 10.  Come on down for the FREE opening night!

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