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Art Shows Life How To Do It

No one really knows who William Shakespeare was. Some speculate that he must have been a member of the Royal Court because how else could he know how people in that positioned talked? How would he know what that life was like? How does George Lucas know how a Wookie speaks or what a cantina on Tatooine looks like? He made it up.

The real question is how do we know anything Shakespeare said was at all accurate? How do we know that the generations of Royal Courts that followed the public popularity of William Shakespeare’s work didn’t mold themselves to his idea of what they should be and thus become a self fulfilling prophecy?

Because of the television series Star Trek we now have tasers and a lot of our scientific gadgets were originally named, if not conceived, by Sci Fi writers. The idea comes first and then the reality is formed from it, not the other way around. If the reality is slow in coming we refer to the idea as fiction or fantasy. A lot of our ideas of history, the Old West, Ancient Rome, etc., are largely the ideas of modern writers, artists and film makers and may have very little to do with the actual “reality”. Perhaps our visions of the past even helps create that past so that over time history changes to more and more like our version of it. That can’t happen you say? Have you studied Quantum Physics lately?

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