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Rock And Roll May Be Getting Old But It's Still Not Respectable

The news in Rock and Roll today is that the British pulled the plug on Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen was giving a concert in Hyde Park and brought Sir Paul onstage for a couple tunes at the end of the show. Reportedly they finished their songs and were a half hour over the agreed upon ending time when the authorities turned off the power to their mics. The venue has been getting some heat over their decision but really it’s Springsteen who should be blamed, and embarrassed.

If I knew I had Paul McCartney waiting in the wings to join me onstage for my encore I certainly would be sure not to extend my set by a half hour. Forget the authorities and forget the fans, I wouldn’t want to keep Sir Paul waiting.

Bruce Springsteen is famous for his long (four hours sometimes) concerts but when you’re playing in an outdoor urban environment it is only polite to stop the show at the time you’ve agreed, contractually, to end.

Actually, I think I kind of like the idea that rock and roll is still seen as something that bugs the establishment and that rock stars, even living legends, can have the plug pulled on them. Things haven’t really changed that much from the days when one’s parents would throw the circuit breaker to silence your garage band. Long live Rock and Roll.

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