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Yes In Concert, Maybe

One of my favorite bands was the Prog Rock Gods Yes. There are ads on the radio announcing an upcoming Yes concert. The problem with buying tickets to a Yes concert is that you never know who you’re going to see. Yes changes their line up way too often to be able to maintain any fan loyalty. After all, if a band’s members can’t show any loyalty to the band how can the fans?

I’ve also read of a coming club gig starring Jon Anderson “The Voice Of Yes”, so I assume the Yes concert will feature another singer. Am I not suppose to care about that? As long as they, whoever they are, play the same songs I won’t care who the musicians are? If that was true I might as well go see a Yes tribute band, it would cost a lot less.

How many other businesses advertise a brand name then slip you a cheap copy? I suppose I’m looking at this all wrong. I suppose I should see rock and roll bands like sports teams. As long as I’m going to see a baseball game played by guys in blue uniforms it doesn’t make any difference who is currently on the Dodgers. However, if I went to a Dodger game and they played hockey instead I might feel a little cheated. But music is different, isn’t it?

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