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Dark Side Of The Moon Radio Drama

Illustrating Classic Rock & Roll is "my thing" so when I read a press release saying that the writer of Shakespeare in Love, an Oscar winner, Arcadia and The Real Thing, Tom Stoppard has written a radio drama based on Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon album I got interested. For one thing, I can illustrate a radio drama so maybe that will be a future project and I've always been a big fan of DSOTM since its release way back in 1973.

In 1972 I attended a Pink Floyd concert at the Hollywood Bowl where they premiered Dark Side Of The Moon in Quadraphonic sound. Quad was brand new and the Floyd had four large speaker stations set up at the four corners of the audience at the Bowl. Dark Side has a lot of sound effects and when they panned from speaker to speaker they surrounded the audience with a nice effect but unfortunately I was seated a little too far to the side so I didn't get a proper balance but too much of one of the four channels. A year or two later, after the album had been released and was well on its way to becoming the classic it is, I attended another Pink Floyd show at the Inglewood Forum for their Wish You Were Here album where they had a round screen suspended above the stage and had film and animation clips shown that were approximately synced to the music. That was an illustrated Dark Side Of The Moon show.

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