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An Educational Craig's List Ad

I've never done this before but here's an ad from Craig's List:

Lets Educate the Masses About Animation Costs (everywhere)

I'm really tired of the cheapo's here thinking animation can be done for virtually nothing and are shocked when you can't do their explainer video for their business for $50.

This post is an attempt to educate the masses. And those that think Animation can be made as cheap as a glass of water are oh so wrong. The links below will take you to some sites that explain why animation is so expensive, even if it does not look like it.

Frankly folks I'm real tired of the CL Cheapo's looking to get everything done for nothing. Want it done right and well? Pay for it.

PS don't worry about flaging this post I'll just put it right back up as many times as it takes to start getting some descent rates from the cheapo's.

Right on! I think when an animator sees an ad for "An Animator" he or she thinks the job requires supplying black line pencil drawings on paper (or digital drawings) based on a director's exposure sheets, a storyboard and a designer's character model sheets. Instead the ad is really asking for finished color film. A very different job indeed. The old rule of thumb for finished color animation was $1,000.00 per second. Now, because of Flash and other cheapo computer programs, amateur animation producers expect finished animation for under $500.00 a minute.

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