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It's Not Just About The Music

Over the years I've heard people say "It's just about the music". When discussing band image, promotion, advertising and the music business it certainly is not just about the music but I'm not talking about that. What I'm talking about is my personal attitude about making music. To me the trip is about the destination, the location or the locale. It is where the music takes us not the music itself that is so important to me.

Some songs take us back to a time and place within our own lives. A particular song can make us return to a time with old friends, long gone, to a younger us full of promise and potential. Other songs take us to a world we can only imagine such as the Old West or a fantasy world of elves and gnomes. Music is great at taking us away for three and a half minutes to another land and time. This is the quality I most love about music.

Maybe I'm a bit of an escapist, certainly a "dreamer" and I've always had one foot (mentally) "somewhere else" my whole life. As an artist I am able to share these places, somewhat, in my music, paintings, animated films and written stories. To me the music is just one element of this total package. In my mind the ultimate work of art is something that completely immerses the viewer / listener / experiencer. To my way of thinking the ultimate work of art is Disneyland.

Disneyland completely  surrounds its guests with original music, even coming from the trees, the buildings are designed as "characters" in and of themselves and the entire park is a giant work of art and imagination. As an artist / musician I think my ultimate goal would be to design a space like a ride at Disneyland. That would be a trip.

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