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Ozzy Is Back (Off The Wagon)

Black Sabbath recently released a new CD titled 13 and the lead off single is called God Is Dead? At the same time Ozzy allegedly posted on Facebook that he has been off the wagon for a year and a half, apologised for his returning to drugs and alcohol and said he was back on the wagon. Wife Sharon said on her TV show that she knew he was drinking some and taking prescription pills but had no idea how bad it had become.

What I'm wondering is whether this recent relapse isn't more of a publicity campaign for the new Sabbath record than a real serious relapse for Ozzy. Any relapse is of course very serious but the idea that Ozzy has been the "old Ozzy" for the past 18 months, about the amount of time it takes to write, rehearse and record a new CD, would make the new release irresistible to his old fans who would gladly sacrifice Ozzy's health, life and marriage for his "art". I also find it strange that Sharon would be so clueless about his current state of mind.

If Ozzy is now back on the road of the straight and narrow but with a new album born of the insanity of his drug addled rock and roll persona he might just score a huge hit. Unfortunately, the success of the CD might just reinforce the belief that he needs to be medicated in order to create good music when really it's just the bad PR (no such thing) that's responsible, not the actual music.

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