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Another Beatles Cartoon

Here's something interesting, it's a new graphic novel about Brian Epstein the manager of the world famous Beatles. It's illustrated with quite some style but the character designs don't always conform to what the memory of those events were in the minds of the original fans (Baby Boomers). I also wonder if the "graphicness" of this graphic novel makes the intended audience gay men rather than Beatles fans. After all, this is Brian's story, not The Beatles'. Wouldn't you just love to see your secret sex life turned into a comic book?

 Click on the photo to see the graphic novel promo.

This design reminds me of The Beatles Rockband look. I don't know if they are designed by the same person but they do seem very similar.

Until the Rockband promo goes all 3D and everything...

I think what's interesting about the Rockband promo is that it is 2D animation for the early Beatles but once they go psychedelic the animation changes to 3D which ironically looks more "real" than the 2D yet is suppose to illustrate a complete fantasy. According to this video once the Beatles record Sgt. Peppers they were summoned up into a higher plane to a hyper realistic / fantasy world. I guess the game's producers thought it best to just skip that whole Yoko thing completely. Good call.

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