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It's In The Limo

For my birthday I got a slew of Rock & Roll books. One of which is What You Want Is In The Limo by Michael Walker. It focuses on the year 1973 and on three particular rock tours of that year, The Who's Quadrophenia, Led Zeppelin's House Of The Holy and Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies.

I'm enjoying this book because it's a real trip down memory lane. First of all on the back cover is a photo of Robert Plant posing with Vanessa Gilbert a girl with whom I went to high school.

Then there was the fact that I attended the Who concert and Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies show at the Hollywood Bowl. That was the third and last Alice Cooper show I attended as the audience was full of kids and their grandparents. When Alice got chased around the stage by a giant tooth trying to hit him with a giant toothbrush as part of his dentist visit induced drug dream I figured he was now aiming to become a Saturday morning cartoon character and no longer for me. That didn't stop my friend and I going after the show to the Continental Hyatt House hotel on Sunset Blvd. where we figured the band would be having their after show party / orgy.

We got into the elevator and planned to stop at each floor until we saw what seemed to be a party going on but a burly roadie type came up and stopped the elevator door from closing. Then Alice Cooper himself stepped into the elevator with us and we rode up  knowing we wouldn't have to guess which floor we'd get off on (pun intended). Unfortunately, after Alice exited the elevator the burly bodyguard once again extended his arm, this time to prevent me and my friend from getting off (more ways than one). We really weren't disappointed as although we didn't get to go to his party we did get to ride in the elevator with him.

It's interesting to see the sort of things that were going on around you now being written about in books.

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