googled06bb313055e587a.html Rock N Roll Rehab for the Control Of Rock and Roll Starring Greg Piper and The Tooners: The Tooners' I'm High On KLOS 95.5 FM

The Tooners' I'm High On KLOS 95.5 FM

The Tooners are going to be on the Stay Or Go segment of the Heidi and Frank Show on KLOS this Friday morning to let the good people of Los Angeles decide if we should continue as a band or throw our instruments in the ocean (we'd pawn them before we'd throw them into the sea). It's going to be brutal because we're using our new single "I'm High" as the example of our music since this weekend is the Easter Sunday 4/20 high holiday but at least we've already founded Rock & Roll Rehab in case it's decided that we should call it quits once and for all.

Listen this Friday morning to KLOS, 95.5 FM in Los Angeles and depending on what the outcome is, email us for great deals on used equipment.

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  1. thanks pal. i like the music too. good luck Cara daftar facebook want to say thanks for letting me been here