Director's Clip for Internet and Music Video Sponsorship

Welcome Music Video and Viral Video Directors

Director’s Clip allows businesses and individuals to bid for the right to sponsor your work so you no longer have to give away your hard work and creativity for free. If you post your video on other internet video posting sites you’ll receive zero percent and those other sites do zero in marketing your video. Director’s Clip actively markets your clip to the businesses whose target customers are the same as your clip’s target audience so they’re very interested in seeing what you’ve produced. 

Welcome Sponsors

In difficult economic times the old saying, “It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease” is more true than ever yet advertising is recession proof and never goes on sale. Director’s Clip makes it easy to sponsor a unique video that is tailor made to appeal to your specific customer. Simply view the selection of custom videos currently up for bid by selecting the demographic category or categories appropriate for your product or company. Then choose from the selection the type fonts, sizes, colors and positions that will look best with the particular clip of your choosing and type in your company’s website URL (address) and upload a JPG graphic of your company logo (72 DPI). Your company’s logo and web address will appear before the clip and your URL will appear as a superimposed graphic on the clip making a potential world wide viral video your company’s personal internet commercial.

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