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Welcome Music Video and Viral Video Directors

Welcome to the story of Unsigned Records Multimedia’s Directors Clip. If you’re here it might be because you were watching the videos on your favorite Youtube channel and when an ad popped on, instead of clicking off it after the first five seconds, you realized that it’s not a commercial after all, but an interesting music video. Unlike advertisements and commercials that automatically get ignored and are irritating if they appear too often, music videos are fun to watch and are something fans actually look forward to seeing. 

Welcome Sponsors

When a music video pops up on a Youtube video that’s not a band performance video but a concept video that has a subject matter appropriate to the subject of the video the viewer was watching, it’s something that’s augmenting the viewing experience, not detracting from it. And if you noticed a company name, product or URL superimposed along the bottom of the video as it played, its association with the video’s musical act or subject matter might have made you curious about who was behind it all and you just might have clicked on the link or searched the name which would have led you here. At least in the case of a video with DIRECTORS CLIP on it.
Now imagine if the millions of viewers who are watching Youtube videos every day looking for content just like yours sees an original music video that would naturally appeal to them since it has been designed for your potential viewers, but has YOUR name and/or URL associated with it. Might that lead those viewers to you just as you have been led here? Don’t waste your money with Youtube ads that are perceived as interuptions when you can draw your competition’s fans to you with entertaining and involving music videos that will be perceived as your very own theme songs. There is absolutely no charge to find out how Unsigned Records Multimedia can tailor-make a Youtube video campaign for you. Send us a message today.

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